Polma Mattress Factory proudly presents our newest mattress:

Polma Poseidon

This luxurious pocket sprung mattress has been specially developed to enjoy comfort and quality on board. This mattress is made of eco-high resilience foam, has 7 comfort zones and meets the highest fire-retardant standards within the European Union. Polma Poseidon therefore bears the seal of approval:


Each mattress is handmade in our own factory and carefully composed by our skilled team. With more than 30 years of experience, with a Polma Mattress you can count on a high-quality and comfortable product made of high-quality materials. Fast delivery, service and customization are central to us. That's a good night's sleep!

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Product specification

Product specification Mattress Polma Poseidon:

  • Pocket springs approx. 290 pieces per m2, barrel-shaped and packed en coupled separately
  • Pocket spring of 1,8 mm and 2,0 mm thickness, thermally hardened steel
  • Seven-zone system for extra lying comfort
  • Top layer of high-quality fire-retardant, eco-friendly cold foam HR50
  • Extra reinforcement through the use of Polyether Fire Retardant SG30 side beams
  • Spring system covered with 1,0 cm thick layer
  • Supplied as standard with a luxurious removable and washable double cloth cover of permanent fire retardant yarn
  • Covered with 150 gram per m2 anti-allergic fiberfill
  • Particularly luxurious, durable, ventilating ánd fire retardant mattress
  • Available in any desired size
  • With individual serial number and QR-code showing all user information
  • Supplied with certificate IMO-MED-WHEELMARK and US Coast Guard number

Manufacturer data

Polma Mattress Factory
Zilverhoek 13
4651 SP Steenbergen
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 167 521 491
E-mail: info@polma.nl
IBAN: NL31 RABO 0104280123
Swiftcode: RABONL2U
VAT nr.: NL001333678B42
KvK Rotterdam: 24192962

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Maintenance of your mattress

  1. Turn and turn your mattress every quarter.
  2. The cover is washable at 40°C without losing its fire-retardant effect. Allow to air dry. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean!
  3. Remove the sheets from the bed regularly to air your mattress.
  4. A molton between the fitted sheet and the mattress is recommended.
  5. This mattress is suitable for all good bed bases (slatted base, spiral, box springs, etc.). If your bed base does not allow sufficient ventilation, we recommend a ventilation mat to prevent the formation of mold.